📣  Teampay Acquired by Paystand: Transforming B2B Payments for Businesses Together 📣

Software-guided workflows keep every purchase in-policy and pre-approved

Get ahead of your company's spend with automated upfront controls that make everyone's job easier.
Set your policy in simple, self-enforcing workflows

Teampay’s policy engine makes it easy to set rules upfront and maintain full control over all transactions. Just set your rules once, then Teampay automatically ensures every purchase remains in compliance.

Employees request approval through an intuitive conversation

It's easy for anyone to submit purchase requests through Teampay. Transaction data is automatically coded as employees submit purchase details.

Teampay routes requests for pre-approval

All transactions go through the appropriate approver, or you can set in-policy transactions to auto-approve. Approving is as easy as clicking a button. If a request is outside of policy, Teampay notifies the approver so they can look into it.

Teampay issues secure funds instantly

Spending is quick and accessible to everyone, either by PO or through virtual cards, which can be issued for one-time or recurring payments. Teampay offers visibility into budgets too—so managers and employees can be fully informed as they spend.

"Our approvers are in love with Teampay—their approval time has been reduced to seconds! Transactions appear pre-approved and pre-coded in Intacct ...It's like magic!"
- Masha Murphy, Controller at RiskIQ

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