Get real-time visibility into spend

Automatically reconcile pre-approved, coded transactions into Xero.
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Before Teampay we were constantly trying to figure out who ordered what on our corporate cards, and never remembered to stop paying for subscriptions when people left. This service was so easy to set up and use, especially with the real-time Xero integration that always keeps my books in sync.

Teampay + Xero Customer 

Automatically Reconcile Purchases from Teampay into Xero

  • Automate the purchasing workflow, from request in Teampay to reporting in Xero
  • Provide real-time visibility into who bought what, and why
  • Achieve higher accuracy and less manual guesswork with upfront coding
  • Reconcile purchases automatically in Xero as they happen

Stay On Top Of Your Organization’s Spending

All purchases are pre-approved in Slack or Microsoft Teams, so you always know who made what purchase, who approved it, and for what purpose. You can even get alerts for unusual activity. Say goodbye to hunting down mystery transactions at the end of every month.

Track Vendors & Subscriptions With Ease

Teampay keeps all of your vendors & subscriptions organized in one place. Highlight variances, detect new vendors and recurrences, flag duplicates, set reminders, and more.

Control Spending Before It Happens

Never go over budget again with transparent controls by user, department, vendor, office, and more. Gain insight into what’s been budgeted, committed, and spent – in real-time.

How to Connect

Teampay syncs with Xero’s accounts, bank transfers, contacts, bank transactions, and tracking categories. Accounts, contacts (vendors), and tracking categories sync in real time and are bi-directional. Bank transactions and bank transfers sync one-way in real time.

You can connect Teampay to Xero in 3 short steps:

  1. Select “Xero” within Teampay’s admin interface
  2. Log into your Xero account to initiate the connection
  3. Configure a few mappings of your Xero account to your Teampay account, and you’re done!