Smart purchasing for empowered teams.

We help companies focus their resources on growth, not overhead.

Teampay is the first purchasing software built for modern, technology-enabled businesses. Our products enable companies to request, approve and track expenditures in real-time.

We give finance teams control and transparency, while empowering workers to be successful. Through automation we reduce the torment of manual processes, allowing our customers to concentrate on building the business.

Who We Are

Andrew Hoag

Founder & CEO

Justin Oblak

VP of Engineering

Joyce Mehlman

Head of Operations & Compliance

Preston Hale

Software Engineer

Leah Ward

Operations Associate

Justin “JB” Barth

Account Executive

Hite Billes

Software Engineer

Lyndsay Clark

UX/UI Designer

Lane Genee

Head of Marketing


Chief Dog Officer

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Team Labs, Inc.
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New York, New York 10001

P: +1 646-685-8848

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