Spend management integrations that truly fit in


Effortlessly manage your spend processes from end to end by integrating purchasing workflows with systems across your business. No matter what finance, accounting or ERP system you’re working with, we’re a great fit.

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Always up to speed

Integrated accounting software with real-time spend data

Teampay automatically reconciles and syncs pre-coded transactions to your accounting system or ERP the moment they happen. Rest easy knowing you’re working with accurate, current data.


  • Integrate your accounting system with Teampay and sync spend data into your general ledger automatically.
  • Data is passed via a two-way sync, so changes in one system are instantly reflected in the other. Never do the same work twice again!

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“Our approvers are in love with Teampay, their approval time has been reduced to seconds! The accounting team has been able to save a significant amount of time on transaction entry. The transactions appear pre-approved, pre-coded in Intacct when we sync them and no additional work is needed. It’s like magic!”

Masha Murphy

Controller, RiskIQ (acquired by Microsoft)

Fluent in chatbot

Integrate robust spend management software directly into your collaboration program

      Streamline your spend management process with an easy request/approval process that meets employees where they are.


      • A conversational workflow lives right in Slack or Microsoft Teams and guides employees through the purchasing process.
      • Employees can make and approve purchase requests, receive notifications, upload receipts, code transactions and access secure payment methods, all without having to log into another system.
      • Not using a chat program? You can get the same guided experience in the Teampay web app.

      Initiating staring contest

      A smart set up process that’s done in a blink (or two)

      Import employee lists and user groups from popular HR, payroll and identity management systems to set up your Teampay account in just a few minutes. But if you’ve blocked out your whole day for this, we won’t tell. 😉
      • When employees join the company, they’ll automatically be added to Teampay as soon as they’re added to your system of record.
      • Teampay integrates information like the employee’s name, department and manager, so you can quickly assign them to the correct approval chain and get on with your day.
      • When they leave the company, employees will be automatically removed from Teampay and their manager will be proactively notified with the option to cancel or reassign their existing payment methods to another employee.

      the mozart of spend processes

      Orchestrate across any business systems that involve spending company cash

      Your purchasing process doesn’t start and end with finance. Teampay makes it easy to include all the other business systems that touch the spend process, so everything works in harmony. For example:
      • Travel management — If you’re using a separate system for travel booking, employees can put a Teampay card on file so you get both the benefit of streamlined travel booking AND pre-approved spend.
      • Contract management — For larger purchases where you need to bring in the lawyers, Teampay is integrated with Ironclad to automatically trigger the appropriate legal workflow, and notifies the employee when it’s complete so they can come back to Teampay to complete the process.
      • Catalog spend — Teampay’s integration with Amazon Business helps guide employees to the right place to buy by redirecting their Amazon requests to the right place, so you can make the most of your catalog discounts.

      What’s better than getting an Excel formula right on the first try? More Teampay capabilities.

      Accounting automation

      Ditch the tedious parts of your job–Teampay adds smart automation in all the right places to save you time and ensure accurate data.

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      Approval workflows

      No more messy email chains and offline conversations. Teampay streamlines the approval process so that all the right people sign off before any money has been spent.

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      Reporting & analytics

      The power of pivot tables without the spreadsheet. Teampay’s reporting makes it easy to get the cuts of data you need in an instant, without all the Excel wizardry.

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      Get in on this paradigm shift of integrated spend management

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