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The 12 Best Oracle NetSuite App Integrations

NetSuite offers a host of financial and operational services to businesses of all sizes, and supports a long list of integrations. Here are a few to check out:


Source What it is SkyDoc unlocks enhanced storage capabilities by tapping into Amazon’s S3 storage cloud and linking the application programming interfaces (APIs) of both systems. This allows them to avert excess storage or licensing fees and offer customers large storage at a low cost. How it benefits you
  • Access unlimited storage capabilities.
  • View, download, or upload your files directly from NetSuite. You don’t need to change the interface you’re looking at; simply enjoy the extra space.
  • Upload several files simultaneously, even the biggest ones, without slowing your upload speed.
  • Because SkyDoc allows you to preview your files stored within Amazon’s cloud before downloading them, you can centralize your workspace and eliminate the need to sift through endless documents.


Source What it is DSI is a digital supply chain management solution containing more than 200 ready-made applications that support various business functions. Clients can custom-design new apps to satisfy specific roles and responsibilities within their organization. How it benefits you
  • Specific roles can be defined by the app’s customization features, and then managers can track how each employee is performing against each task.
  • Always know the location of a product, as DSI accurately follows a product throughout its movement lifecycle.
  • Customize apps with rules and restrictions to ensure that the right products go to the right locations.
  • Enjoy scalability with cloud-based functions that can help your business to grow from one store to one hundred stores.

Celigo CloudExtend Excel

Source What it is Celigo CloudExtend Excel allows business professionals to work with their NetSuite data within Excel. Many finance teams still rely heavily on Excel to assist them in performing a variety of business practices, including expense reporting, item pricing, and lead tracking. How it benefits you
  • Maintain the familiarity of your favorite formulas and formatting options instead of learning entirely new processes. Once integrated, your preset Excel formulas will load so that you don’t have to manually calculate category totals. And you won’t need any programming knowledge or experience to make this connection work.
  • Ditch the massive CSV imports you’ve experienced in the past. Your NetSuite account information is automatically linked to Excel, eliminating wasted time and excessive frustration on data transfer.
  • Avoid delaysall data is connected and updated in real-time.


Source What it is From onboarding to tax compliance, Tipalti is a true end-to-end solution for businesses of all sizes and geographies. Financial reporting, AP, and reconciliations data all feed directly into a company’s NetSuite account, all while being monitored against thousands of international compliance standards to ensure consistency and error-free processes and practices. This includes W-8, W-9, and 1099 form generation, as well as reports for internationally flagged business entities, which can prevent severe penalties and fraudulent payments. How it benefits you
  • By offering several different payment methods in over 100 currencies, Tipalti can increase the flexibility of your AP in the increasingly globalized world.
  • Schedule payments across the globe from either Tipalti or from directly within NetSuite.
  • Information is synced in real-time with your NetSuite account, so your GL is always up to date.
  • Remain in compliance by utilizing the software’s native audit logs and digital tax form collection.

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    Source What it is Tesorio improves a company’s working capital by focusing on effectively managing both its accounts payable and accounts receivable operations. Its NetSuite integration allows the software to analyze the prior interactions and history of a company’s clientele. By capturing snapshots of cashflow, invoice assignments, goals, and outstanding debts, Tesorio provides accurate collections forecasting and a realistic view of what financial moves a company can make. How it benefits you
    • See mid-month gains and losses to know exactly where you stand and how to proceed going forward.
    • Once integrated, expected pay dates are tracked in Tesorio and represented in NetSuite, which prompts more precise management of incoming cash, clients, and vendors.
    • Tesorio can recommend holding or pushing payments directly into Netsuite and process each payment by individual currency.


    Source What it is AppZen takes the heavy lifting out of expense audits by leveraging AI-powered processes and advanced spend control. Expense reviews are made simple by categorizing line item details into low (green), medium (yellow), and high (red) risk ratings. The AppZen AI can process over 100 currencies across more than 40 different languages, making it ideal for those who take their business across borders. How it benefits you
    • Track down exactly what went wrong with riskier transactions, rather than simply categorizing red flags.
    • AppZen catches and reports issues such as duplicate expenses, expense reported does not match the receipt, and unauthorized expense categories
    • Measure an individual expense from a business against the average expense typically associated with that business. For example, if an employee eats at a restaurant and spends $35, but the average expense for one person at that same restaurant is $10, AppZen will flag the expense for review.


    Source What it is TrueCommerce is an electronic data interchange (EDI) solution dedicated to processing transaction documents. By dynamically linking a business to the various clients it serves, employees and management can remain connected to customers. The TrueCommerce Scheduler is a key feature of the app, which automates regular transactions and reduces manual error and time spent on data entry. How it benefits you
    • By offering free updates, TrueCommerce ensures that IT-related needs won’t cause hiccups that interrupt the flow of your business.
    • Controlled processes eliminate duplicate orders.
    • The integration between TrueCommerce and Netsuite allows you automatically process a client’s documents, which expedites the ordering process.


    Source What it is Developed by Atlassian, Jira is one of the most widely used agile development software solutions. Users can set goals, assign tasks, and track progress based their business needs and NetSuite financial data. As complications arise, Jira can be leveraged to alter project management strategies and track bugs. How it benefits you
    • Each team member can advance through a project’s stages with complete visibility to the rest of the team to maximize work efficiency.
    • Establish timelines, checkpoints, and discover potential concerns with the roadmap feature.
    • Customize workflows and processes.

    Fastpath Assure

    Source What it is Originally developed by auditors, Fastpath Assure aims to make audits less painful for businesses undergoing the process. The software helps businesses maintain Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) compliance by analyzing risk and security against a user’s role and permissions, and generating audit templates and automated audit reports. How it benefits you
    • Managing your employee profiles with rules-based access and permissions allows you to control who can do what. This prevents unnecessary errors or actions that could increase your risk for compliance violations.
    • There is always an element of risk in business, especially as your organization grows. Discover and locate precisely where you are most vulnerable so that you can deploy an appropriate solution.
    • Utilize the Audit Trail module to both trace and report audit details. It facilitates organizational transparency and assists with self-correctional procedures to make future audits more seamless.


    Source What it is Flashlight (by Strongpoint) is a documentation tool developed specifically for NetSuite. Its searchable database helps businesses locate and view information, so that potential challenges can be resolved before they become real issues. Upon integration, all forms, records, customizations, and other documents are automatically filed by Flashlight. How it benefits you
    • Flashlight racks all documentation changes, so you can quickly identify the source of error and discover exactly what went wrong.
    • See how all your customizations are connected, so you never risk breaking anything accidentally when you customize and cleanup.
    • Maintain appropriate security by monitoring employee permissions and receiving notifications of any changes.

    Anytime Collect

    Source What it is Anytime Collect fills the collection gap in business by creating a solution to ensure timely payments. The accounts receivables management system automates statement and invoice delivery, and provides guidance on best practices for getting paid faster. The NetSuite integration synchronizes your customer profiles, invoices, payment applications, and existing contracts. How it benefits you
    • Project your cash flow more more accurately with greater confidence you will get paid on time.
    • Minimize risk to your business credit and leverage credit lines to unlock more business potential.
    • Manage your disputes by reviewing Anytime Collect’s running log of interactions, which offers follow up tactics and root-cause analysis to both determine issues and present ways to solve them.


    Source What it is Xcelero automates NetSuite testing by passively capturing data from test cases and a variety of transactions to streamline process development. Some test cases include purchase orders, journal entries, inventory, and vendor information. How it benefits you
    • Manually grab test cases from any webpage (via a browser extension such as Suitelet), which can then be imported for further analysis.
    • Customize your success criteria for each test case to ensure you are employing the best processes.
    • Improve compliance by automating testing with the rules that you establish and update as compliance standards change.

    Bonus time!

    Purchasing software built for fast-growing, technology-enabled businesses, Teampay automatically syncs with NetSuite to eliminate the manual labor that used to go into closing the books. The app empowers employees to make approved purchases, while allowing companies to maintain control of spend. Potential customers can try many of these applications for free by visiting NetSuite’s app site.