Introducing Controller Collective

From Slack groups to LinkedIn forums to in-person events, there are a plethora of spaces for CFOs to convene, share knowledge, and learn from each otherbut there is a lack of communities exclusively designed for Controllers. Controllers are instrumental in fueling agility across their organizations, and they deserve a space that caters to their specific needs. 

Teampay wanted to change that. We are proud to launch Controller Collective, a community purpose-built for the modern Controller. Controllers are uniquely positioned within an organization. They must think deeply about both strategy and tactics—and execute on both. The network provides Controllers an opportunity to share their perspective on the challenges of their role, connect with peers in similar positions, and gain actionable insights from industry leaders.

With online and offline spaces, Controller Collective provides multiple avenues for networking and problem-solving. The Slack group connects Controllers across the nation to share relevant information, ask questions, and offer advice. The organization will also host in-person events to bring together finance professionals in a more intimate setting. 

Whichever way you choose to engage with Controller Collective, we provide a network you can rely on. Members can work through problems with their peers, get useful tips and career guidance, and stay up-to-date on modern tools and resources. This blog itself will serve as an outlet for Controllers to contribute their own writing on relevant topics.

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“I think the Controller Collective will be extremely beneficial both to myself and to others in the network,” said James Devlin, Controller at a financial technology startup and Controller Collective advisory board member. “It has the ability to serve as a go-to resource for those in senior-level accounting roles that we can turn for thought leadership content, networking and opportunities to hear from and build relationships with leaders in the start-up and high-growth space.”

Because Controller Collective is spearheaded by Controllers themselves, we are confident that it will give Controllers the support they want and need. Our advisory board consists of finance leaders from high-growth companies across industries, including RiskIQ, Toast, and Eden Health. They are familiar with the common needs of professionals in this role and passionate about building a community.

Devlin shared his enthusiasm about joining the group. “When I learned about the formation of the Controller Collective, I was extremely excited to get involved as a way to build my network and knowledge-share with individuals at companies similar in size and structure, who may have seen some of the issues I’m working through as our company continues to grow.” 

By facilitating communication and connection among Controllers, Controller Collective helps its members solve problems and take meaningful steps forward in their career. 

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