Sessions to Attend at Slack Frontiers 2019

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Slack brings together top minds in technology and business growth at their annual conference, Frontiers 2019. Join like-minded professionals in San Francisco for the two-day event to discuss ways to better connect employees across their organizations, as well as external third parties, to increase collaboration and productivity. Here are the sessions that you won’t want to miss:

Wednesday, April 24

All in on Slack: Strategies for cross-functional engagement and collaboration on Slack

Time: 10:20 AM

Speakers: Gopi Parampalli, VP of IT, Electronic Arts; Jeanna Jang, VP of Innovation Labs, E TRADE; Christina Kosmowaski, VP of Customer Success, Slack

Leaders from E TRADE, Electronic Arts, and Slack will discuss updating organizational communication via Slack’s workspaces. Learn how to foster inclusivity by leveraging the full power of Slack’s functions, regardless of technical expertise.

Above and beyond: Exceeding your business goals with Slack

Time: 10:20 AM

Speakers: Angela Bhurji Senior Director of IT, Accelerate Customer Experience, Symantec; Stephen Franchetti, VP of Business Technology, Slack; Cheryl Razzell, Global Head of Digital Tooling, HSBC

An alternative to the presentation above, this session will cover some of the more prominent features in Slack that can immediately simplify your workflow processes. Workplace solutions aren’t valuable until improve performance, so discovering how shorten your learning curve can have instant benefits.

Executive view: Transforming your business with transparency and agility

Time: 11:45 AM

Speakers: Kristin Geyer, Manager Internal Communications, Wayfair; Sherry Rosenkrantz, Senior Customer Success Manager, Slack; Rahul Singh, Executive Mobility Director, Ford

With increasingly distributed workforces becoming the new norm, leaders must be able to quickly and effectively communicate with all areas of their respective teams, departments, and businesses. With a tool like Slack, executives can efficiently reach members of their organizations across geographies. This impacts not only collaboration, but company culture as well.

Apps in Slack: Getting more value out of your tech stack

Time: 3:00 AM

Speaker(s): Michael Chen, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Slack; Kirk Pedersen, Senior IT Leader, IBM; Michael Solomon, Product Strategy Director, Hearst Magazines

The sheer number of software tools that exist today can be overwhelming. Knowing how to integrate your solutions in a central place can simplify your workflow. This session will show you how to successfully navigate business apps, including how to use what you already have, what apps to add to your tech stack, and how to synchronize everyday tools like your email and calendar.

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Fyre Failure: What Billy McFarland Taught Us All About Startup Finance

    Thursday, April 25

    Balancing agility and security in Slack

    Time: 11:40 AM

    Speakers: Sudhir Dureja, Senior Director, Oracle; Larkin Ryder Director, Product Security, Slack

    Data privacy is a hot button issue in modern technology, as consumers try to balance using the latest software with ensuring their information is secure. Learn how to maintain appropriate security measures while still leveraging technology to boost your business.

    Slack for sales: Boost your time to value

    Time: 1:50 PM

    Speakers: Davey Friedman Consumer Sales Manager, WeWork; Renu Gupta Director, Large Enterprise, Slack; Dannie Herzberg Head of Mid Market Sales, Slack; Eraj Siddiqui Director, Customer Success Operations, Autodesk

    Every business wants to increase sales efficiency and growth. Hear how Slack can help shorten the sales cycle and create selling opportunities.

    Work beyond your organization’s walls with Slack

    Time: 2:45 PM

    Speakers: Julia Grace, Senior Director of Engineering, Slack; Ryan McGredy, Senior Manager of Solutions Engineering, Optimizely; Paul Rosania, Director of Product, Slack

    Companies are increasingly relying on remote employees to join their full-time workforce or temporary contractors. Thousands of businesses connect, collaborate, and conduct their business using Slack as a primary workspace. This speaker panel will cover best practices for setting up channels and creating shared workspaces with individuals anywhere across the globe.