The State of Marketing Spend

Marketing teams feel a lot of friction with finance teams, and with the biggest and most complex purchasing needs, it’s easy to see why. Watch to hear from Teampay, and Electric as they discussed the eye-opening findings from our Marketing Spend Survey.

Any of these stats feel familiar?

  • 71% of marketers say it is (moderately to extremely) difficult to report and track expenditures at their company.
  • 46% say they’ve (frequently or occasionally) had projects delayed or canceled because the purchasing process was too slow.
  • 57% say that they’ve (frequently or occasionally) had uncomfortable or awkward conversations with the finance team about marketing purchases.

Watch now and learn how our panelists have learned to create frictionless relationships between finance and marketing, and how they’ve found ways to keep spending streamlined and moving at the speed of business.

You'll learn:

#1: Common pain points and challenges for traditional marketing and finance teams and how to solve them
#2: Strategies for creating a powerful partnership that actually get things done
How to align goals for mutually beneficial growth

Meet our Speakers:

Andrea Kayal
CMO, Electric

Hannah Siegel
Accounting Manager, Electric
Moderator: Tara Guthrie
Director of Demand Generation, Teampay

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